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Frunzenskaya is a Moscow metro station. It is located on the Sokolnicheskaya line between the Park Kultury and Sportivnaya stations. It is located in the Khamovniki district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

The station was opened on May 1, 1957 as part of the «Park Kultury» — «Sportivnaya» section, after the commissioning of which there were 43 stations in the Moscow metro. The station got its name from the nearby Frunzenskaya embankment and 1-3 Frunzensky streets (and they, in turn, in honor of Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze (1885-1925), a military and party leader of the USSR). Until 1956, the streets, and until 1926 and the embankment, were called Khamovnichesky — in the historical district of Moscow Khamovniki. Its name comes from the Khamovnaya Sloboda of the 17th century, located outside the wall of the Zemlyanoy City and adjacent to the Maiden Field. In it, weavers lived side by side, making white (boorish) linen, that is, khamovniki — «cloth weavers, tablecloth makers.» In 1925-1986 Frunze Street was also named after Frunzensky (Khamovnichesky) Val, but the combination of the ancient term “val” with the surname of a Soviet leader looked ridiculous, and this street was one of the first to return the old Moscow name (although there is a similar absurdity in Moscow now — the square Abelmanovskaya Zastava, named after the Bolshevik N. S. Abelman, and Leninskaya Sloboda Street, named after V. I. Lenin). The project name of the station is Khamovnicheskaya. In 1991, the station was proposed to be renamed into «Khamovniki».

А.Савин, Общественное достояние, via Wikimedia Commons

1 Frunzenskaya

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