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Voykovskaya (RussianВо́йковская) is a Moscow Metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line. It was opened on 31 December 1964 along with two neighbouring stations to the north, Vodny Stadion and Rechnoy Vokzal. Passengers may make out-of-station transfers to Baltiyskaya station on the Moscow Central Circle; however, the walk between stations can take more than 20 minutes.

It was built according to the standardized pillar-trispan design, which was widely used in the 1960s as a cost-saving measure. The station’s architects were I. Petukhova and A. Fokina. The entrance of the station is under the M10 highway.

The station is named in honor of Pyotr Voykov, a prominent Bolshevik and Soviet diplomat. Voikov was assassinated in 1927 by a White Russian monarchist; however, his reported involvement in the execution of the family of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II led Russian Orthodox Church groups to push to rename the station.

The city held a vote on its “Active Citizen” platform in November 2015 to consider a name change. By a vote of 53% to 35%, the residents decided to maintain the Voikovskaya name.

Baltiyskaya was originally slated to be name Voikovskaya; however, a similar vote on “Active Citizen” showed only 19% in favor of the name.

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A.Savin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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